Who are we?

Headed up by Matthew, he is an accomplished photographer and was a photojournalist for several years. He has covered all spectrums of a photographic career.

Having taken masterclasses and workshops for a considerable time, Matthew's approach is very laid back and never likes to take the courses too seriously. He's also experienced in news and documentary filming and particularly enjoys filming with Digital SLR. Asked why and his answer is simply 'watch'   

In his spare time he's an avid Formula one motor racing fan, he's photographed the Streets of Monaco to the never ending pit straights of the 24 hr Le Mans. If you ever find a course date clashing witha  formula one race there's been some mix up! With half a private pilots licence under his belt Matthew also has a certain fascination for flying. Asked whether he is a Nikon or Canon. Most definitely a Canon but in a former life a Nikon! And finally what camera does he use? A Canon 6D at present ? Why ? It is a full frame which is a must for every professional photographer, it's ISO range goes up to over 100,000 ISO which is usable until 25,600. It also has wifi on it which allows him to use to demonstrate on workshops with an iPad.