Mystery Ruins Twilight - West Oxfordshire

The ultimate evening and twilight workshop! 

We've titled this 'Mystery Twilight' as we believe that we have found the most magical location, combined with the fact that dusk is arguably, by far the most magical time of any day. As summer solstice gets closer the time between sunset and dark gets longer.

We're committed to bringing you the very best of subjects to photograph so we move a little away from Oxford to 600 year old ruins for Twilight. We still have just a little light pollution but we'll be able to photograph this beautiful setting with a warm glow in the sky behind caused by light pollution. For those nights when the moon and stars are showing, as we change our view slightly, the stars become very apparent.

We'll meet for this workshop in Witney, in West Oxfordshire and should you want us to, we'll provide *courtesy transport to and from our location from there. 

We'll begin with working through some basics with you of camera controls. A brief outline in shooting in full manual mode will be given.   

We'll be setting up shortly before sunset and shooting until the skies are dark. We'll talk you through the best settings to use and explain what speed, aperture, white balance and ISO to use your camera at for optimum results. Everything that we show you will be achievable at the time of taking the image so you won't need editing experience. 

What you'll need...

  • Digital SLR Camera. Canon or Nikon are our preferred choices but Sony A series Digital SLR's are fine too. Some Compact System cameras are capable too.
  • Preferably a wide angle lend (the wider the better)
  • A tripod
  • A head torch with RED led mode.

What you'll need to know...

You'll need a basic understanding of how to operate the following controls on your camera. As with all of our workshops we will tell you the why if you can work out the how. If you don't know how to operate the settings of your camera in manual mode then there is help at hand prior to your workshop. In our 'Already Booked' section just click on camera controls and watch the Youtube video demonstrations. For those that still need a helping hand understanding the controls providing you have a Canon or Nikon DSLR (Canon start with **D and Nikon D**) then we're experts in these models. We have nothing against other DSLR's, its just we don't have massive experience with them.

Where you'll need to get to

You'll need to get to Witney. There are regular bus services here from Oxford city centre. You'll need the S1 or S2. They drop you right outside The Blue Boar Hotel which is our meeting point.

Duration : Around 3 hours.  We'll meet at the Blue Boar in Witney so the time will vary from 7:30 to 8:30pm. If you are coming from Oxford on the bus allow 30 to 45 minutes journey time depending on traffic.

We look forward to seeing you in the dark soon! 

Workshop size : This is a very intimate workshop with a maximum of 8 people on and usually with two instructors on hand to guide you.

Price £144.00  

* courtesy transport is provided but is not part of the workshop. It is not mandatory. Our insurance does not cover us for hire or reward. We are simply offering a car share service and making no charge towards this.