The Enthusiasts Digital Workshop

A fun digital photography workshop which is an ideal starting point that also includes plenty of hands on practical exercises.

This is an ideal starting point for all enthusiasts. It's a perfect mix between theory and practical. If you made the transition over from film to digital apart from the obvious adition to the screen on the back and the lack of a film you'll have probably noticed that digital cameras have gained rather a lot of buttons and every camera has their very own on board computer. Sometimes we feel like we're flying the latest fly by wire Aeroplane. For the slightly elder generation you might well be thinking what went wrong with the old pin hole cameras to the modern technology of today!

Having said that the basics of an SLR camera haven't altered for many years now and once you've figured out where the buttons are then we'll show you what they are for and how they are going change the image that you get on the end photo. Ideally you'll have a digital SLR to come on this course. You can bring along your compact camera as long as it's got manual mode on it but we know most about Digital SLR's. 

Course Highlights :

  • Around 2.5 to 3 hours of hands on demonstrations and training
  • Practical experiments using products
  • An outline of shooting in manual mode
  • Lens advice
  • A brief introduction to using your digital SLR camera to shoot HD video
  • Demonstration of basics of photo editing
  • photo editing software download link reccomendations (freeware)
  • Course size 12 - 18
  • Additional Online Learning Resources after your workshop 

This course mainly runs in 

Shipston on Stour, South Warwickshire and in Witney, West Oxfordshire.

Is this workshop for you?

What you'll need for this course : Digital Camera (SLR Preferred), Bridge cameras  are acceptable as long as they have manual mode but we won't be able to give you anywhere near as much help with these as the controls tend to be hidden away. 

You'll need to have figured out how to adjust the following controls to come on this workshop. We will show you the why but you'll need to know the how part before you come along. 

Speed, Aperture, White balance and ISO. The speed and aperture are often found just by the shutter release button. 

We will demonstrate how to change these settings on both Canon and Nikon Digital SLR's but if you have a bridge camera then you'll need to farmiluar with them.

PLEASE help us to help you. We want this to be a photography workshop, not a camera workshop. It's no fun for anyone if we have to spend most of the time trying to help you figure out what controls are where. If we spent our time doing this there would be no time for the fun practical experiments. Therefore please learn the controls of your own camera before you come. There are video links to a few of the most popular cameras that we see. SEE HERE or hover over 'Already Booked' on the menu bar and then select 'camera controls'.  If you happen to have a Canon Digital SLR then we'll show you in 30 seconds. Nikon DSLR's are also pretty easy. 

 Examples of digital SLR's - Canon **D, Nikon D**, Sony A**

Group size : 12 to 18

Price £149.00