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Astrophotography seems rather a daunting type of photography to attempt  but trust me it's much easier than most think it is. It's all to easy to photograph a sky that is full of stars but the results can quite easily resemble a black piece of paper.

However with just a little guidance you'll soon start to see the light shining brightly at the end of the tunnel. I'm here to share with you my own experiences that I have gained along the way.

You'll need some equipment before you start. I'll split this in to what you really need and what you're likely to want rather than need. 

The aim of this on line workshop is to bring Astrophotography in to the reach of keen enthusiasts that have basic digital slr kit. Yes It's quite true that the more you spend on kit the better the results can be but just starting off with a very basic digital SLR you can really get some great results.  Whether it be stills photography or HD filming that grabs your fancy or both, we'll show you how to create stunning shots of the night skies.