A beginners guide to editing

We've spent a lot of time debating this workshop. We all need to edit our images but what do we edit on? There are plenty of free editing suites out there and camera manufacturers often supply bundled software to use too. We've tried numerous editing packages but we always come back to Adobe Lightroom. It's now called Adobe Photoshop Lightroom. It's not the same as photoshop but it is in our opinion the best package that you can possibly get. 

From importing your images on to your computer, manage them, creating libraries. basic editing on one or several Images. I sum Lightroom up as the photoshop that doesn't take forever. It also has great export features. Its available in the UK from around £50 for a student or teacher version to £99 for a non student version. You can buy it for your kids and also use it yourself fine according to our understanding of Adobes terms.

In our tutorials we'll demonstrate using our own computer but whilst everyone is very welcome to come along you'll always learn more if you have your own laptop that you can bring along with you with Adobe Lightroom installed. We will be including some of the tutorials that we show you on our learning resources that you'll have access to afterwards.