Adobe Lightroom Workshop

Adobe Lightroom is a great tool for any digital photographer but many say that it is not an easy program to learn by yourself. Join us for a step-by-step demonstration of the basic  Lightroom digital photography workflow. This workshop will teach you how to improve your photography and how to reach a new level using Adobe Lightroom.

Whilst not essential, it's highly recommended to have your own laptop with Lightroom installed on this workshop. You can download a free 30day trial of Lightroom from Adobe for free or subscribe at less than £10 a month.

We'll start off with importing your images in to Lightroom. Once Imported we'll have a quick look at the images and decide which ones to rate and edit. We'll then go through basic editing steps for each image in the programme and finally export our images for use. 

Each particular workshop is tailored to the individuals on the workshop. If there is any particular part you'd like to learn then ask before the workshop and we'll try to include something along those lines that will benefit everyone. No guarantees can be made that we will cover every request.

Price £45.00

2 1/2 hours





Mini Taster Photography Workshop, Exquisite Spanish Tapas Food and Adobe Lightroom Workshop.


Location : Shipston on Stour, South Warwickshire


This exclusive menu has been designed exclusively to bring you the very best in fantastic photography, scrumptious food and finished off by some editing in Adobe Lightroom.


For Starters we have a mini photography workshop in a very authentic Spanish Cafe. We'll run through the basics of and practice photographing some authentic spanish dishes. Deli Boards and Tapas are on the menu. We'll take some photographs of the food with our cameras set to raw. This really is a brush up part of the workshop but it gives us the ingredients to work with. We'll then tuck in to the food whilst our images are downloading. 


Once our images have downloaded and we've enjoyed the food we'll then go on to the main course where we'll show you the basics of editing in Adobe Lightroom. Each workshop is tailored to the individuals on it so if there is anything in particular that you'd like to learn do let us know beforehand and we'll see if we can touch on the subject.


Maximum 8 attendees


To get the very most out of this workshop you'll need a Laptop with Adobe Lightroom installed on it. You can get a free 30 day trial of this from Adobe.

Lightroom workshop including Tapas and a glass of wine 






LOCATION : Shipston on Stour, South Warwickshire CV36 4AJ

Location : Witney, West Oxfordshire