One to One - HD-DSLR Filming

This is a fantastic course for either a photographer wanting to get in to video or a pure enthusiast wanting to experiment with using the HD video option on your digital SLR. Personally, I use a Canon 5D series to film on but the controls are very simlair theoughout the entire Canon range. Nikon and Sony are fairly similair too.

The most important things about using video on DSLR is to remember that it's not the same as using a camcorder or a professional video camera. It does have it's limitations but learn to know them and you can work around them and achieve truly incredible moving pictures.  

This course runs over an afternoon and an evening. Starting around 12 noon and finishing around 9 to 10pm. The courses take place right on the edge of the Cotswolds giving endless backdrops to film.  

We'll run through everything from switching the camera on to getting it ready to film. Running through the main controls. What you need to know and most importantly how to shoot fast. We'll work through different techniques from how to hold it steady. Whether you should hand hold or use a tripod. For every 1 minute of theory you'll do another 9 minutes of practical as our ethos of 'Learning can be fun' has to kick in fast!

We'll plan well in advance so when the day comes we know exactly what we are going to shoot. We'll really explore the features of the camera in depth with you and we'll get every last bit of creativity that the camera can give us!

We'll break for dinner and then afterwards we'll then get to work on editing our masterpiece. We'll keep it fairly simple but effective. Therte is no point in showing you loads of different effects that we can achieve and then forgetting everything. We'll be using Adobe Premier to edit on. This is just our choice of software. There are others that will do a good job too but like everyone else, we just stick to what we know best!

Lunch and dinner are included in the course price. We run them through selected days of the year so please enquire further if ypu'd like to book a day! Overnight accomodation is available ina  local luxury boutique hotel for around £50 to £75 should you wish to stop over.

Price £475 fully inclusive of course, lunch and dinner. 

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Please note, longer courses are available. In this short course we will only have time to shw you very basics of editing. For longer one to one courses running over two days please enquire.


*The video above is this months showcase from Vimeo. It is not usually our own work but is meant to inspire you of what is possible with Digital SLR film making.