Keeping your kit safe while travelling

 We all liking taking photographs whilst we are on our travels so here are a few tips that I've learned along the way. 

Firstly, don't over pack your gear. Take too much with you and you'll find to to heavy to carry around. Consider whether you want to take your digital SLR or a more compact camera first.

Try not to look too much like a photographer Keeping a low profile while traveling and not looking like you have loads of expensive gear on you is rule number one. The obvious reason is for security but another reason is because you don't want to intimidate people. 

If you are taking a lot of kit with you away then leave some of it at base and only take what you need. I generally just take my camera in a small rucksack that looks more like you are going to the gym or the beech. 

Note the serial numbers of your kit down in case any of it goes missing whilst you are aware. Don't store this in your camera bag!

Take some silica gel with you if you are going to humid places. Cameras don't like moisture. 

If you are shooting in high humidity then wrap your camera up well. Don't take it from an air conditioned room straight outside. It will last seconds before the lens steams up. Wrap it in clothes or a dry towel inside and then gradually bring it un to heat.