So many different skies

This last week has been pretty mind blowing. A week ago we weren't sure whether to call off a night photography workshop in Oxford or not. The weather conditions looked pretty harsh but we decided to take a chance. You'll never please everyone so we went ahead and did it. On our drive to oxford the conditions weren't great but as soon as we arrived the skies seemed to clear and I can honestly say that the sky was magical! Saw some absolutely fantastic images in peoples cameras and even managed a couple of sneaky shots myself! A truly fantastic group of people that really didnt mind whether they got wet or dry! 

Saturday was the first of our beginners digital workshops. We were joined with new recruit Andrew. I've been trying to put something together with Andrew for a little while now but we finally managed to work together. I have to say we seemed to gel very well. He's been a photographer for many years and I think everyone felt in very safe hands with him.  Back in Oxford on Sunday Evening for a very different Radcliffe Camera. The skies were very dark and clear but somehow not so magical as last week. The camera isn't lit up on Sunday nights at all. In the week it enjoys a gentle glow from the window lights of the Bodlian Library but the weekends are very quiet and almost eary. 

On to Monday night, The forecast is fog all day in Stratford upon Avon but it remains bright and clear and even a little warmer than Sunday night. The group meets up in The Holiday Inn and we head off to Henley Street for our first shot. Slight problem with vans parking in the way of Shakespeares Birthplace but thanks to the charm of Lauren they moved for us! Another good group that seemed to gel well together. By the time we got down to the river it was starting to really mist up. Conditions were a little challenging but we've seen some stunning Photographs taken in Strtaford upon Avon on this workshop.